Select Sports Artists provide a first class service to film, TV, print productions and live events in need of sports specialists.

We select the very best sports artists for your project and ensure that our team provides vital support throughout the whole journey of your project.

Whether that be providing artists from our database, setting up professional castings, contacting clubs, providing specialist consultancy and ideas, or taking care of all the finer details – our team will be on hand to make your job easier.

If your project would benefit from sports consultancy and choreography, then Select Sports Artists can guarantee the very best.

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Meet team #ssa

mike delaney

Founder & Managing Director

Mike started the agency in 2010. His reach of contacts in the world of sport has led to many new performers being introduced into the world of sports advertising. Mike is often heavily involved in the latest commercials.

josh hill

marketer & photographer

Josh specialises in social media engagement and handles any in-house casting filming and images. He sends files directly to clients in the required formats to meet deadlines.

leah-verity white

talent agent

Leah liaises with all production and ad agencies to provide the talent for each project. She also keeps the model database up to date with images and measurements and is always ready for enquiries.

I absolutely love working with Mike and his team! It's always such a pleasure - they're turning over on the first main shot with all the players and it looks amazing.


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